Hunting party
Sometimes has a better chance
Of flushing love and God
Out into the open
Than a warrior

- Hafiz

The Hunting Party is where movement and magic swirl wild forms in the dust of Black Rock City. Exploring the mystical realms within and without, together we stalk the many-faced prey of the One - we are the flock and the fledging, the church and the people, the dungeon and the steeple. With authentic communication of the brilliant and the beautiful, the awkward and the uncomfortable, we explore the ever-emerging edge of intimate truth and togetherness. Before, during, and after, we dance.

By day, we play with reverent abandon and reckless devotion in honor of ourselves and each other - and what we create when we turn our heart-beams to a dynamic and fluid center. We serve homemade kimchi by the arched fingerful and deliver fresh, happy (fruit and vegetable) juices into keen mouths. By night, we play with spontaneity and serendipity, drunk only on the magic of connection and high-quality juice. The dome after twilight is a place to mellow out and venture into the frontierlands of mind, body, and spirit where we, the Hunting Party seek the We in You.


  • August 2016

    Burning Man!

  • June 2016

    Apogaea (Colorado Regional)

  • December 2015

    Planning Begins

  • August 2015

    Serendipitous Meeting @ Burning Man